Getting Started with Data Science for non-programmers

This 4-hours long workshop will help you get started with Data Analyzis even if you have minimal or no programming background. We’ll take a simple data set and see how can we start analyzing it. You will get the tools to start on your journey to Data Analyzis and Science.

In technical terms we will

Data Science is a huge world, we will only have a taste during this workshop, but this might give you the first steps to learn more. This is a hands-on workshop. After seeing a demo you will get your hands dirty with the tools so you will leave the workshop after having some accomplishment.

This workshop is based on (a very small part of) the “Programming Bootcamp for Scientists” I run at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Note: There is no mingling at the beginning of the event. We will start the presentation at 17:30. Please be on time!


Bring your own computer. Be able to install applications on your computer.