Code-Maven Workshops

Lead by Gabor Szabo.

Code-Maven Workshops

Schedule of the public events that are usually free to participate in

When Language What
2024.06.16 Rust Web development in Rust using Rocket.
2024.06.18 Python Testing Python code.
2024.06.20 Python Functional programming in Python.
2024.06.25 Rust Using the Liquid template system in Rust
2024.06.27 Rust Accepting parameters on the command line using Rust Clap
2024.07.07 Python Getting started with web development using Python Flask
2024.07.11 Rust Reading JSON files in Rust
2024.07.14 Perl Continuous Integration (CI): GitHub Actions for Perl Projects
2024.08.15 Perl  

Earlier workshops and video recordings

When Language What Video
2024.06.06 Rust Your first contribution to an Open Source Rust project video
2024.06.09 Rust GitHub pages for Rust developers video
2024.06.13 Perl Getting started with Docker for Perl developers. video

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About the Code-Maven Workshops

Code Maven Workshops are short, 3-4-hours meetings with a mix or presentations and hands-on exercises to learn tools, technologies, and processes used in the world of Development, Testing, Operations, and DevOps. They can be provided in-house at your company as a morning or afternoon half-day session. Ocassionally they are also run via the Code-Mavens at Meetup group in which case they can usually be attended free of charge. Below you’ll see the dates and locations of the previous events.


In addition to the 3-4-hours long workshops Gabor also provides full-length training courses in these subject. Check out the list of currently available courses and let me know if you are interested in either of those or something in a related subject.