Your First Open Source contribution

Why would you want to contribute to an Open Source project? Why is it good for you and/or for the company you work for?

Have you ever wanted to contribute to an Open Source project but did not know how to do it? At this meeting we’ll have a mix of presentation, hands-on exercise, and mentoring to bring you to your first Open Source contribution. You don’t even need to know how to program. At this event you’ll learn the mechanics behind Git and GitHub and we’ll get you to first contribution.

If you are a programmer you can then go on and also contribute code, but if you are not a programmer, or if you don’t feel comfortable with contributing code, we’ll show you what else can you do.

You’ll need to bring your own computer and plenty of energy.

Presentation and mentoring by Gabor Szabo and additional volunteers.

The workshop has a companion eBook If you send me an e-mail to “Gabor Szabo” I’ll give you free access to that book.