Getting started with Docker for Perl developers


During this workshop you will learn why and how to use Docker in general and in particular for Perl-based projects.

First we briefly discuss the motivation behind using Docker. Then go over several use-cases using applications and libraries written in Perl.

The workshop includes presentations, discussion, and hands-on work.

The workshop will be via Zoom (link will be announced close to the event) Language: English. Workshop lead: Gabor Szabo Requirements: Familiarity with writing Perl will be enough. Length: up to 3 hours. Cost: This workshop is free of charge thanks to the people who support me via one of the following systems: Github sponsor, Patreon, or directly via PayPal.


docker exec -it crazy_ardinghelli bash

docker compose up
docker compose exec client bash

export PGPASSWORD=password
echo "SELECT CURRENT_TIME" | psql -h pg-db-server -U username mydb