Getting started with Linux on Linode in the cloud for less than 1 cent

Most services are deployed on a Linux machine and while some developers can still get by without it, knowing Linux to some extent will give you a lot of power.

Both on the job and while looking for a job.Installing Linux on your computer is not a huge issue, but it is way easier to set up a server in the cloud and use that. It is also quite cheap.

Specifically on Linode you can get a machine for less than 1 cent an hour.

At the end of every learning session you can turn it off, but even if you forget to turn it off it is till only $5 a month.

Hopefully this isn’t want will make you bankrupt.

In order to take full advantage of the presentation.

After the presentation we’ll open the floor for questions about any topic regarding Linux and the cloud.

The meeting will be via Zoom (link will be announced close to the event) Language: English. Speaker: Gabor Szabo Requirements: Basic familiarity with writing Python will be enough. Length: up to 3 hours. Cost: This workshop is free of charge thanks to the people who support me via one of the following systems: Github sponsor, Patreon, or directly via PayPal.