Your first contribution to an Open Source Rust project


During this workshop you will learn about various side of contribution to an open source project. We will cover both the technical and the human aspects of contributing to an open source project. We will discuss both the technical and cultural differences between working in a company and contributing to an open source project.

Contributing a substantial improvement to an established open source project would probably take a lot more time than we have in this workshop so we are going to make some small, but still useful contributions to several open source projects.

You will learn and practice the technique of sending a pull request first via the web interface of GitHub and then using a cloned version of the project.

The workshop includes presentations and hands-on work.

The workshop will be via Zoom Language: English. Workshop lead: Gabor Szabo Requirements: Basic familiarity with writing Rust will be enough. Length: up to 3 hours.

This workshop is free of charge thanks to the people who support me via one of the following systems: Github sponsor, Patreon, or directly via PayPal.