Testing Python code using Pytest


One of the best ways to improve the value of your development work is to test your code. That makes it much easier and safer to make improvements to your code.

Unfortunately, why we made a lot of progress in the industry, testing by the programmers is still not a central part of development in many corporations.

In this workshop you’ll get an introduction to testing Python code using Pytest. Along the presentation you’ll also get assignments so you can practice what we learned.

The workshop includes presentations and hands-on work.

The workshop will be via Zoom (link will be announced close to the event) Language: English. Workshop lead: Gabor Szabo Requirements: Basic familiarity with writing Python will be enough. Length: up to 3 hours. Cost: This workshop is free of charge thanks to the people who support me via one of the following systems: Github sponsor, Patreon, or directly via PayPal.