Setting up Continuous Integration for GitHub projects

GitHub is now part of Microsoft so it is especially interesting to have this workshop in the offices of Microsoft.

Nightly builds are that of the past. Today, you need to make sure that every time you share some code with your fellow developers that code works well together with the rest of the system.

Even if you work alone, like many Open Source developers do, it is worth to have a system that will run your unit-tests every time you push out some code to GitHub.

Travis-CI is the most popular of the free, cloud-based Continuous Integration systems.

We are going to set up Continuous Integration with Travis and Appveyor. At first we are going to do that for a simple synthetic project and then we’ll locate Open Source project where we can help by setting up CI.

You will be able to decide the programming language you’ll want to use, but in order to get better support for your languages, please post it as a comment on this Meetup.

Bring your own computer. For this you will need to know the basics of any of the programming languages supported by Travis-CI. It would be super awesome if you could comment below the language you are going to use.