Web development in Rust using Rocket


In this workshop we will create a web site using the Rocket web framework. We don’t assume any background in web development. We’ll use minimal HTML, we’ll try to focus on getting started with the Rocket framework

The workshop includes presentations and hands-on work.

The workshop will be via Zoom (link will be announced close to the event) Language: English. Workshop lead: Gabor Szabo Requirements: Basic familiarity with writing Rust will be enough. Length: up to 2 hours.

Cost: This workshop is free of charge thanks to the people who support me via one of the following systems: Github sponsor, Patreon, or directly via PayPal.

Why Rocket?

Articles about Rocket

Rocket skeleton

There is

But I did not know about it so I created

cargo install rocket-starter
cargo install cargo-watch
cargo watch -x run

In this meeting we covered