How to develop software faster and have more stable releases?

An introduction to DevOps and Agile practices.

Some companies, even large ones, are much faster than others. Some have a much better track record in releasing software with high quality.

In this meeting we are going to discuss what makes the difference. We look into both the theory and the practices. We’ll discuss the organizations, the processes, and the culture that enables some companies to be faster and better than other.

We will also discuss how teams and organizations can move in this direction. What needs to be done by the management and what can individual engineers contribute.

We will look both at the top-down and bottom-up approach. In the top-down approach management initiates the changes and makes it sure they are implemented in the whole organization. They do it primarily because that will help the organization to create more value to the customers faster.

In the bottom-up approach individual teams, or even members of a team start to implement some of the practices that allow them to be more confident in their own work, avoid wasting time, and in general to improve their own environment. All that while creating more value to the organization and the customers.