Regular expressions for fun and profit

Regular expressions are a mysterious subject for many people. Even to some hard-core engineers. During this workshop you’ll learn the basics. Just enough to be dangerously productive with it.

The main tasks that you normally do with Regexes is pattern matching.

e.g. You have a file with entries like this:

07:00 Get up
07:20 Have breakfast

# Some Comment

In another case you might have a file with many lines like these:

Jul 6 17:35:10 sdc-prius motion_planner[1284]: new destination: [55.733510, 37.587401]
Jul 6 17:35:11 sdc-prius control[1284]: next waypoint: [55.733668, 37.587143]
Jul 6 17:35:11 sdc-prius control[1281]: steering: 212, throttle: 420

What if you have a line like this:

My phone number is 12345 and my age is: 23