XP: Pair Programming Workshop


Both students and experienced developers are welcome!


The primary objective of this workshop is to let you experiment with Pair Programming. To let you learn from each other without the pressure and fear involved in production code.


At the beginning of the workshop you’ll get a task that you can implement in a few hours of work. We will also arrange that each one of you will have a pair to work with. Then you’ll do the work in pairs. At the end we’ll have a review of the results.

Why work in pairs?

Pair programming has a number of advantages.

Development Languages

You can use any language you’d like, but you need to find a pair who will want to use the same language. The best would be if posted the language of your preference as a comment to this announcement and see if others respond. In any case I’d glad to see developers in the following languages join us:

Spoken Languages

There will be a short presentation in Hebrew which can be switched to English if some people have hard time understanding Hebrew. The pairs can speak whatever language they both know. Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian, Hungarian…


You bring your own computer. In the end we’ll need one computer per pair, but you might be switching computer as well.


In order to be good at pair programming one needs to work that way for many hours. The two-three hours session we have will only give you a taste, but we’ll repeat the experience again.

More about Pair Programming and this Workshop